The Problem: Escalating Trading Risks

  • Driven by more complex strategies and pressure to deploy quickly than prudent testing allows

  • Testing investment far outpaced by spending on machine learning/AI and global trading systems

  • Many in-house testing simulators and third party offerings well behind the curve

  • Precious human resources diverted from revenue generation toward patching & maintaining testing tools not architected for today’s challenges


The Impact

  • Many trading firms cannot perform end-to-end integration tests of their execution systems, with the inevitable resulting losses becoming the norm

  • Global regulators have strengthened their approach to risk management, forcing substantial changes to algorithmic trading practices and governance

  • Comprehensive testing now required, and prior algo testing approaches are now inadequate, risking heavy fines, loss of market access, and reputations

Missing puzzle 1.jpg

What is Needed?

  • Both trading firms and regulators desire more realism and determinism from testing tools, but current options lack several key requirements:

  1. Definitive proof for regulators of quality testing before mar

  2. Realistic testing with exchanges, not inaccurate fill models

  3. On-demand access, not just during market hours

  4. Faster setup and testing for faster deployment

  5. Easy set up and maintenance without massive consulting fees

  6. Personalization without coding to alleviate downtime between tests

  7. Deterministic testing that really shows the impact of variable changes