This Privacy Notice describes how you can verify the accuracy of any personal information we have concerning you and how you can request that Lumina corrects or terminates using your personal information. You can change your contact or marketing preferences at any time by contacting us.

This document can change over time and, if it does, the latest version will be available on our website and become effective when published.

Lumina commits to:

  • process personal information fairly and lawfully. We only collect and use personal information lawfully and in ways one would reasonably expect and without unjustified adverse effects. We do our best to be transparent about how we intend to use your personal information.

  • comply with statutory requirements imposed by the General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016:679 (GDPR) and other national laws requiring an adequate data protection standard.

  • collect only enough information needed for each specific purpose. Personal information will not be used for any other purpose than as described at the point where you choose to disclose the information.

  • only process your personal information, that we may use to inform you by telephone, email, or mail, if we deem that it is of interest to you in your profession, or if you have expressed your consent. You can notify us at any time that you do not wish to receive additional information from us (“opt out”), and we will respect your request.

  • always give you the option to determine if you want to supply us with personal information. You can notify us at any time that you wish not to receive additional information from us (“opt out”), and we will respect your request.

  • apply, use, or take reasonable steps to have security procedures and safeguards that we consider appropriate for the level of personal information you provide us with. We have adopted and implemented systems, security policies, and procedures intended to reduce the risk of unintended destruction or loss, or the unauthorized disclosure of, or access to, your personal information.

  • transfer your personal information with care. In addition to using your personal information to fulfill requests received from you, we disclose information provided to us when legally required to do so. Additionally, we may share personal information with our affiliates, with unaffiliated third parties that are under contract to perform services for or on behalf of us (who are required to uphold policies with respect to privacy and the treatment of personal information).


Lumina may collect and process two types of information from users:

  • Personal information—anything which identifies you as an individual, either on its own or by reference to other information 

  • Aggregate information—other types of anonymous information and data

We may collect and process personal information about you through various means, including:

  • when carrying out work for you.

  • via our website, for example, when you fill out a contact- or subscription form, or submit a job application, and by using cookies. 

  • by email or other electronic correspondence.

  • by telephone.

  • networking, for example, at events and/or other meetings either hosted or attended by us.

  • by operating security policies and procedures in our offices.


The personal information collected will only be used for the purposes described in this Privacy Notice or as stated at the point of collection. These purposes include:

  • to respond to any query that you submit to us

  • to manage our relationship with you and/or your business

  • to complete our contractual obligations to you

  • to send you any relevant information on our services that may be of interest to you using the email and/or postal address which you have provided

  • to process any job application that you have submitted

  • for our general business purposes, such as, the administration of an agreement in which you are involved, or marketing, or sales purposes

  • to ensure we appropriately administer any attendance/visits to our offices

  • to administer and improve our websites

  • to keep our website safe and secure

  • to prevent illegal activity or to protect our interests

Whenever Lumina process your personal information to provide you with answers, information, or services that you have requested, we process the information to fulfill our obligations to you. If your personal information is processed for any other purpose described above we may process your personal information for our legitimate interest to improve our services, websites, or marketing, or when processing is necessary to satisfy legal or regulatory requirements.

If you were asked to and subsequently opted to receive any information from us or any of our affiliates at the time you registered on this site, but subsequently change your mind, you may opt out at any time by contacting us using the contact information on this website.

Your personal information will only be processed for the purposes they were originally collected.

Lumina will not sell your personal information to others, that for any reason might be interested in retrieving the information.